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Driven by being able to provide something beyond what our products can offer. Through our partners, we are able to promote and extend various offers that holistically help in; physical, mental and spiritual wellness; extend help to our less fortunate brothers and sisters, and most of all, be able to provide a great working environment for everyone within our team.

 In Collaboration with
Life Project PH

Life Project PH through its program under Everything DISC aims to inspire everyone to develop a culture built in trust, collaboration and understanding. They are the sole authorized partner of the US/EU based company Everything DISC by Wiley & Sons, Inc., in the Philippines Becoming more self-aware helps you understand why you do certain things differently from other people. Through this partnership we aim to supplement you in reaching an even better mental wellness state. By being able to dive deeper in understanding your unique personality, you become more self-aware which helps you navigate on things you need to improve on.

Mental Wellness In Collaboration with by Life Project and Lumi Candles PH. Take the Personality test  to get to know yourself emotionally, mentally better.

Mental Wellness

Mental Wellness

Fitness and Movement

Becoming physically fit doesn't mean having rock solid abs or having a 21 inch waist line, it means eating the right food and continuous movement to keep your bones and muscles strong. Through our various Physical Wellness Partners we hope to motivate you in making sure to keep yourself healthy, and get the type of excercise you want at any given moment.

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Fitness and Movement - Yoga and meditation physical wellness with a Lumi Candle PH

Physical Wellness

Meditation and Healing

Spiritual wellness does not automatically involve religion. It is defined by developing one's moral compass and ethics, while finding one's purpose and meaning in life. In this day and age, where everything is fast paced - one's moral compass may sometimes be at lost. Talk to us, message us, and we'll be more than happy to speak with you. This initiative is intended to anyone who needs someone to talk to for advise or just for someone to hear them out. We aim that by doing this, we are able to somehow share a different perspective or ease off a bit of what's in your head.

Meditation and healing - Spiritual Wellness. Finding someone to talk to. Talk to Lumi Candles team

Spiritual Wellness


For the Less Fortunate Ones

As we grow, our ability to help also grows. 

Part of our advocacy as a small business is to embrace the ideology of "Paying it Forward". We believe that no help is "too small" and that by embracing the spirit of doing good, receiving good and paying it forward, we are able to inspire more people and businesses to incorporate this kind of mindset as they progress and grow. Through this movement, we aim to be able to spark hope and joy not only to our less fortunate brothers and sisters, but also to all of humankind.

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Image by Mihály Köles

Paying it Forward