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3 Tips to Avoid Your Soy Candles from Tunneling

Updated: Apr 10

Often times you get so excited to use your new scented soy candles that you light them up right after purchasing and realize they smell so good that you put 'it' off prematurely the first 30 minutes you use the candles. Guilty? 😬

Avoid Soy Candles from Tunneling

BUT did you know that you should let your scented soy candles be lit up for at least 1 to 2 hours especially the first time you use them to avoid tunneling?

Here is why...and you're welcome!

This stems from the choice you made when you purchased a soy-based candle. This type of candle melts easily and stores less heat than other types of candles, therefore needing more time to heat up and equally distribute temperature.

There are several more reasons why your soy candles would end up tunneling aside from putting out the flame prematurely, this is why we have prepared 3 tips on how to avoid them.

TIP 1: Let your candles burn for a minimum of two hours every time you light them up.

The rule of thumb is to let your candles burn 1-hour for every inch in diameter. 2 hours burning time is just about the sweet spot for any candle ranging from 1 to 3 diameters.

How to avoid soy candles from tunneling

TIP 2: Let your candles create a wax pool.

Allow your candles to heat up until the wax is melted all the way across the edge of their containers. This will help you achieve the flat surface on the top layer and the sides all clean.

How to avoid soy candles from tunneling

TIP 3: Place your candles away from fans or where there is air blowing.

You would know if you've placed your candles on the right spot when you see their flames staying still and pointed upwards. Thus, avoid placing them near fans, open windows, air-cons, or crowded areas as this greatly affects how your candles melt evenly.

How to avoid soy candles from tunneling

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