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5 Simple and Effective Ways to Fix Candle Tunneling

Updated: Apr 10

Scented soy candles lit up

It is admittedly one of the most annoying sights to see when your candle starts tunneling.

A total nuisance! Especially when you've invested in good money for your favorite candles just to find them turning ugly and getting wasted. 🕯️ Unfortunately, this happens to any candles regardless of the price.

In our previous topic, we discussed 3 Tips to Avoid Your Soy Candles from Tunneling. But what if your candles have just begun to tunnel or, actually, have already gone through tunneling?

Time to stop missing out on your candles' full potential! Here are 5 simple and effective ways to fix it:

TIP 1: Use your handy hairdryer.

Workaround the portion where the candle has an uneven wax and then work your way to spreading the wax evenly, all the way to the edge of your candle's container. It will typically just take a minute or two to do this depending on the heat generated by your blower.

NOTE: Avoid pointing your blower to only one section for too long because you might burn the candle wick from prolonged overexposure to heat.

TIP 2: Wrap an aluminum foil around your candles vessel (The Foil Method).

By wrapping a strip of aluminum foil around your candles vessel, the heat is retained longer giving your candles enough time to melt the sides.

Photo source: Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

TIP 3: Pop it into the oven for 2 minutes.

Set your oven at around 80 Degrees Celcius / 175 Fahrenheit and heat for 2 minutes. It will evenly melt the top of your candles giving it a smooth and even finish.

Photo Source: The Kitchen

NOTE: DO NOT put your candles inside a microwave oven! Candles usually have metal wick butts that can be dangerous when put inside a microwave oven.

TIP 4: Get a candle topper.

A candle topper is a nice accessory that typically works like TIP 2 - The Foil Method. It serves as an insulator to keep the heat equally distributed for the wax to melt all the way to the edge.

Photo Source: Amazon

TIP 5: Move the flame of your candle around.

Hold the container and tilt it to the uneven part of the candle. By doing so, you are intentionally melting the wax of your candles.

There are more ways to treat candle tunneling but, ultimately, the best way to keep this from happening is to leave your candles lit up for at least 2 hours at first use.

Let us know if this helped you!

Did you accidentally spill wax on your favorite shirt? Or maybe on your carpet??😪 That's a big hassle!🥴

On our next blog, we will be covering a few tips and tricks on how to remove and clean wax stains.

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