Lavender scented soy candle held by a woman on the terrace

"LUMI anywhere, everywhere,
to any one, everytime"

LUMI Deeds was conceived out of our pure intention to holistically "Lighten Up Moods Instantly"


We see ourselves as a catalyst to inspiring big and small businesses to bring more awareness in extending goodness to the people, environment, animals and all other living organisms on Earth.

Lumi Deeds for People


Lumi Deeds 'for People' is driven by being able to provide something beyond what our products can offer. Through our partners, we are able to promote and extend various offers that holistically help in; physical, mental and spiritual wellness; extend help to our less fortunate brothers and sisters, and most of all, be able to provide a great working environment for everyone within our team.

Lumi Deeds for environment


Lumi Deeds 'for Environment' is driven by our burning passion to continuously develop products that are Environment-Friendly, Non-Toxic, Organic and/or at the very least can be re-used, re-purposed or recycled.

Lumi Deeds for animals


Apart from being conscious about the People and our Environment, one thing that is often overlooked is animal welfare.


By launching LUMI Deeds 'for animals', we vow to become an animal welfare advocate that will not only be anti-cruelty but will also be providing support in making sure our furry friends are taken well care of.


We are passionate to continuously "Lighten Up Moods Instantly" anywhere, everywhere, to anyone every time

Our passion stems from continuously becoming better and being able to affect someone’s life for the better.

Fresh Bamboo scented candle by Lumi Candles PH