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"LUMI anywhere, everywhere,
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LUMI Deeds was conceived out of our pure intention to holistically "Lighten Up Moods Instantly"


We see ourselves as a catalyst to inspire big and small businesses to bring more awareness in extending goodness to the people, environment, animals, and all other living organisms on Earth.

One LUMI purchase can help improve thousands of precious lives.

In partnership with:

Waves for Water logo

Waves For Water (W4W) is a charity organization that works on the frontline providing aid and clean water solutions to communities in need around the world.


Through this partnership, we expand our ability to share and show care to people that we cannot usually reach. We help Filipino families get clean water and food access for overall health and well-being improvement by pledging a percentage of your total purchase to Waves for Water.

Animal Kingdom Foundation (AKF) logo

Animal Kingdom Foundation (AKF) is a non-profit organization that rescues, protects and provides shelter to dogs and cats, and aims to eliminate animal cruelty from human consumption practices. 

Through this partnership, we extend our arms to help ensure that our furry ones are continuously taken well care of. Aside from belly rubs, we want to make sure that they are living a happy and comfortable lifestyle like humans. We provide support for this act by pledging a percentage of our total sales to the Animal Kingdom Foundation.